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    Dunn Stacks is a rising hip-hop/rap artist from Los Angeles, California. With a unique sound that combines classic hip-hop flows and modern trap-style beats mixed with alternative indie sounds, Dunn Stacks brings together the old school and new school to make some of the hottest new tracks in the genre!

Growing up in Los Angeles during the height of street culture in the early 90s, Dunn Stacks struggled to stay out of trouble and to avoid the gang violence that had swallowed his community. Thankfully, Dunn Stacks was also growing up during the golden age of hip-hop, happening at the same time as the peak of Los Angeles’ street violence. Having always been passionate for music, a young Dunn Stacks immersed himself in the revolutionary new sounds of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, Nas, Mobb Deep, and Outkast. These artists inspired him to find positive means of self-expression, including as a break dancer, DJ, and graffiti artist. In high school, Dunn Stacks started a hip-hop group with his friends, Fertilized Thoughts. Through his experience with this group, Dunn Stacks soon realized his own potential and passion for being an artist. Despite going through significant struggles later in his life, including recovery from drug and alcohol abuse,  Dunn Stacks has never lost touch with his passion for music. 

Now, Dunn Stacks uses those same struggles as a base for his music. Not only does his music inspire him to keep pushing and working hard, but Dunn Stacks also incorporates experiences from his own life into his lyrics in order to inspire others to express themselves. Hooking up with the group VA2LA, Dunn Stacks made a significant breakthrough when the group’s song “Turned Around” was aired on ABC’s Blackish.  

Currently, Dunn Stacks is recording a major studio album, projected to release in 2021. In the meantime, Dunn Stacks is excited to continue growing his fanbase and to release additional singles and music videos. Dunn Stacks’ passion and classic hip-hop style place him at the top of the playlist for fans of the old school and new school, as well as any music fan looking for a refreshing new sound! 



Murda1 Dunn Records, 213-304-3378




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